Liquid Solar Systems provides a wide range of services for a varied clientele. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a full-service installation, a design professional in need of solar thermal expertise, or a business representative looking to explore how solar thermal could benefit your company, we will work with you to best meet your needs.

> Guidance on choosing solar and other energy efficiency upgrades
> Design support for homeowners, contractors, architects, and D-I-Y
> LEED/Passivaus/Off-grid buildings: efficient water & space heating design
> Incentives: familiar with variety of solar and heating grants/rebates/loans

> Solar water heating systems: large and small
> Radiant floor heating systems: new and retrofit
> High efficiency water heaters: tank and tankless
> Solar air heating systems (great for shop spaces with big south walls)
> Solar attic fans (a cooler attic can lower summer house temps substantially)

> Boiler replacement (swap old cast iron for modulating, condensing units)
> Water heater replacement (upgrade to Energy Star or better)
> Troubleshooting and repair of improperly installed solar hot water systems
> Replacement of outdated solar and heating controls with improved hardware